Upcoming Opportunities

WINTER '23: Part B [Uganda]

Jan 29 - Feb 8, 2023
6 spots left

SPRING '23 Ethiopia Full Tour [Ethiopia]

Apr 16 - May 13, 2023
20 spots left

SUMMER '23 Full Tour [SSudan + Uganda]

Jul 28 - Aug 12, 2023
16 spots left

About Us

At Petros Network, we partner with people like you to strategically introduce Jesus to the unreached world. If you are a medical professional, a business person, a teacher, a mother, a construction worker, a theologian, a nanny—We WANT You!

Every trip we have a wide variety of projects — church planter training, small business training, women, children, healthcare, clean water and sanitation, education, sports, construction, technology, farming, feeding initiatives — as we create redemptive lift in unreached and underserved villages.

“Our teams go, not as tourists, but as servants. We return, not only with an experience of world travel under our belt, but as changed and grateful children of God. We go as citizens of a nation, we return with hearts forever dislocated by the Almighty, as missionaries to the world.”



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Past Opportunities

WINTER '23: Part A [South Sudan]

Jan 20-30, 2023
8 spots left

WINTER '23 Full Tour [SSudan + Uganda]

Jan 20 - Feb 8, 2023
11 spots left

FALL '22 Ethiopia : Part C

Nov 3-11, 2022
East Ethiopia, ET
10 spots left

FALL '22 Ethiopia : Combo BC

Oct 28 - Nov 11, 2022
South and East Ethiopia, ET
14 spots left